Monday, July 19, 2010

So I'm not just a fatty, I'm pregnant?

Well, today was my 13 week check up, and all went well. Felicia, one of the nurses showed off her mad Doppler skills and found the little peanut's heart rate in like 0.2 seconds. Why does it take me like 8 minutes, till I'm about to cry because I can't find it? Not fair... It was 164 I think. The nurse said it's a girl because the HR is so high. We'll see!!

Anyway, I asked my OB if the weight gain is excessive at this stage of the game. Don't even think because this is a blog, that I'm going to disclose how much weight that is exactly. Only me, Carlos (sort of, I may fudge a bit on the number I tell him), and my OB know the weight gain so far! She said not to worry about it, and that's it's all fluid. Yeah, tell my ass and "bye-bye" arms that. Thanks.

I also showed the doc the gender pic, and she said she couldn't tell! Ahh! It better be a girl now that the other doctor gave me a 90%, or I think the sono should be free! So, no pink stuff for awhile.

Also, we're still waiting on the blood work for all the trisomies to come back. Those are genetic disorders and Down's syndrome if you didn't know. I'm not really worried about it, but I'll say a prayer anyway. Everything looked structurally normal at this point. Will update when we find out.

In other news, during the last blog entry, right as I finished, Sam (our dog) barfed at my feet. Awesome! Wanna see a preggo run??? Barf within a few feet of her and you'll be amazed at the speed in which she moves! Sam is a BIG dog, so he makes BIG barfs. Yum.... Needless to say, I threw a towel to Carlos from across the room to clean it up so he wouldn't have to clean both Sam's AND my puke up! You know we're like drug dogs, us preggos, we can smell things clear across the house! Blech...gross. I had to see/smell it, so you have to hear about it! He he!!

Alright, I gotta run. Bladder calls. Later!

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