Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Well, since this is my first official post on our family blog, I guess I should say something profound or catchy to get you to want to read our posts. Something that makes you want to visit our page BEFORE you check your Facebook page everyday. Yeah right, who can beat Facebook? We're not THAT cool! But, I can promise that our adventures will at least give you a laugh or two as we stumble along the path of new parenthood. Since I can't post everything on Facebook, this will be our place to share the stuff for family and close friends to see. I hope you'll join us and share in the fun times that are ahead!

Since you may have heard, at this time, we are expecting a baby girl in January. That is, if she doesn't change her mind and become a little boy by the next ultrasound. We won't go buying pink just yet, until we get confirmation, but for now, we'll go with it. At least I can say "she" instead of "it", right?

If I can figure this out, I'll be posting a picture of the "gender shot" and you can guess for yourself. They say that if the "nub" points up, it's a boy, and if it's straight or down, it's a girl. Looks straight to me! Team PINK!

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